App Bankia

Enjoys the design that you offers the App of Bankia where in addition to carry out your usual operations, will be able to carry out others of easier way and fast.

What can do with the App?

  • In Bankia want always be accessible, that is why with our App Bankia can:

        • Access via facial fingerprint and recognition.
        • New navigation, with a menu and simpler and intuitive overall position.
        • Immediate access to the App of Bankia Wallet.


How download the App

  • We have designed a specific application for iPhone and Android that you will be able to download you for free from Apple Store and Google Play Store.

    Thus you will be able to carry out your bank transactions more usual via your mobile phone or tablet with total security.

    Icon of download Google Play Icon of download of App Store Code QR

And also, new functionalities...

    • Relationship client - Bankia. You will be able to carry out any enquiry effortlessly and maintain a conversation with your manager. So easy as chat with a friend.
    • Express enquiry. Knows your balance without entering the application. So easy as ask him to your mother where is something.
    • Turning off and Switched on cards. You can block temporarily a card and return to activate her. So easy as turn off or turn on the switch of the light.
    • Direct billing. Only need use the chamber to pay directly your bills. So easy as do a photo.