Cancela un producto sin gastos adicionales

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It does not convince you the product* that you have contracted?

  • Thanks to Bankia Fácil, you can cancel it without incurring any additional charges, up to 2 months after you've signed up for it.

    Just for Bankia products not subjects to market fluctuations.

    In line with our primary goals

    See promotion brochure (PDF, 469 KB).

What have know?

    • Request the cancellation in your Bankia branch within the first 2 months after you've signed up for the product.
    • Interest charges in financing products that are accrued between the sign-up date and the cancellation date are not refunded.
      Insurance policies are also excluded, as they are not Bankia products.

    (*) Includes Bankia products not subject to market fluctuations (mortgages, consumer loans, debit and credit cards, as well as on-demand and fixed-term savings deposits).