Cancela un producto sin gastos adicionales

  • Cook proving a dish

It does not convince you the product* that you have contracted?

  • Thanks to Bankia Easy, can cancel it without additional costs until to the 2 months of the contracting.

    Just for Bankia products not subjects to market fluctuations.

    In line with our primary goals

    See brochure of the promotion (PDF, 469 kB).

What have know?

    • Request it in your branch Bankia before 2 first few months of the contracting.
    • They are excluded accrued revenue of the products of financing from its arrangement until its cancellation.
      Excluded, for not being Bankia products, the insurance.

    (*) Included Bankia products not subjects to market fluctuations (mortgages, consumer spending, credit cards and debit loans and savings on demand and fixed-term saving).