Saca dinero del cajero aunque no lleves tarjeta

  • Astronaut withdrawing cash of an ATM of Bankia

In what consists withdraw cash without card?

  • Is an option that you will allow withdrawing cash from any of our ATMs without the need of having the physical card top.

    You can send money to the mobile phone of who want so that they can take out it right away in the ATMs Bankia without the need for use a card.

    See brochure of the promotion (PDF, 469 kB)

How can do it?

    • Via the mobile phone: with our app downloaded in your mobile phone within the section of transfers and services will be able to initiate the option of “reimbursement without card”.
    • From your laptop: via our Online Bankia in the section of transfers and services.
    • Calling to Bankia Easy: via the 91 602 11 11: they will give you the reference in order to be able to withdraw cash of the ATM.

    Recuerda that need your access codes. what do not have still the access codes to Bankia online? Request them here

    When you have completed three simple steps you will send a SMS with a number of reference, valid during 36 hours, to use in our ATMs Bankia.

    Is necessary that you have updated your mobile phone, so much to withdraw cash or send to another person. If is not thus you can do it in an ATM Bankia or in any of our branches and thus it will have available always.

    How much can take out?

    How minimum € 20 and maximum € 300 for every reference that you request.

    What are the conditions?

    It is a completely free service and for any client of Bankia with contracted debit card.

App Bankia

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