Bankia Gestión Experta

The life us offers multiple possibilities to enjoy she and only us requests in return time. That is why we launch Bankia Management Expert, a new service of management of portfolios with access to the best ones investment funds nationals and international, where we saw about everything, so that just see about the investment more significant: enjoy your life.


    • Is a service of investment fund portfolio management made by our experts, whereby Bankia manages your assets via a diversified portfolio of investment funds.
    • Adapting your portfolio to make good use of the market opportunities at all times, according to your investment profile.
    • With access to the funds of managers, nationals and international, more prestigious.
    • With a constant follow-up of your investment, controlling the risk level at all times.
    • From € 10,000, being able to carry out subscriptions and reimbursements at any time.

Types of portfolio

  • We put at your disposal 4 types of portfolios, differentiated on the basis of the assumed risk profile, the investment time horizon and aim:

    To determine which is the portfolio more suitable for you, will assess your knowledge, experience, financial and objective situation of investment, via a suitability test.

    types of portfolio

Knows more than Bankia Management Expert


    (1) The volatility is the fluctuation that can experience the value of your portfolio in a certain period of time. The assessment of the funds is subject to fluctuations of the markets, which is why the invested capital is not insured person. Minimum amount of investment € 10,000.

    (2) Middle position estimated.