New Bankia Wallet App

Discovers the new Bankia Wallet.

If you do not separate you of your mobile phone, Why do not start to pay with him?

  • Benefit from all the novelties of your app:

    • An improved image, more dynamic and visual.
    • Accesses with your fingerprint.
    • Enquiry your cards' details of way faster and order them according to suits you.
    • Have forgotten where have your card? Turns off and turns on your cards from the mobile phone so that they are or non-operating.
    • Chooses your language.


    And still enjoys its main services and all its the functionalities:

    • Bizum: sends or receives money from your friends just with select its contact in the agenda of your mobile phone. Your part of the dinner, an entrance of cinema, a present of birthday... Still do not use Bizum? You do not stay back.
    • Mobile payment: carries out retail purchases or withdraws cash in ATMs directly with your mobile phone, blow over of taking cards top (only for mobile Android).

    Now is easier do everything with the mobile phone. If still do not have it, download Bankia Wallet from:

    Google Play download icon   App Store download icon