Nueva App Bankia Wallet

Discover the new Bankia Wallet.

If you're never apart from your mobile phone, why not start paying with it?

  • We update your App of Bankia Wallet

  • Enjoy all the latest updates in your app:

    • An improved, more dynamic and visual image.
    • Log on with your fingerprint.
    • View your card details faster and order them however suits you best.
    • Have you forgotten where you left your card? Switch your cards on and off from your mobile phone, so that they can be either used or blocked at any given time.
    • Select your language.


    And continue to enjoy its main services and all its functions:

    • Bizum: send or receive money to and from your friends simply by selecting their contact profile in your mobile phone's address book. Your share of a dinner, a cinema ticket, a birthday present, and much more. Not using Bizum yet? Don't get left behind.
    • Mobile payment: carries out retail purchases or withdraws cash in ATMs directly with your mobile phone, blow over of taking cards top.

    Now it is easier to do everything with your mobile phone. If you don't have it yet, download Bankia Wallet from:

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