App Bankia Wallet

Not yet know our app of payments?

If you do not separate you of your mobile phone, Why do not start to pay with him?

  • We update your App of Bankia Wallet

  • One app with 3 fundamental payment methods in your day by day:

      • Bizum Payment among friends: you can send or receive money from your friends selecting its contact from the agenda of your mobile phone. Pay your part of the dinner, the entrance to the cinema, a present of mobile phone birthday… to mobile phone. It's that easy.
      • Payment for mobile phone: carries out retail purchases directly with your mobile phone, without cash, without physical card.
      • Bizum payment in online businesses: pay on the internet with just a key and your phone number. A faster and sure way of doing your purchases.

    Now is easier do everything with the mobile phone.

    And also, watches everything that you can do with Bankia Wallet:

    • Withdraws cash without card.
    • Consult the details of your card: included the expiry date and CVV.
    • Have forgotten where you have your card? Turns off and turns on your cards from the mobile phone so that they are or non-operating.

      If you take your mobile phone, it take everything. Still do not have it? Download Bankia Wallet from:


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