App Bankia Wallet

Not yet know our app of payments?

If you're never apart from your mobile phone, why not start paying with it?

  • We update your App of Bankia Wallet

  • One app with 2 fundamental payment methods in your day by day:

    • Bizum: you can send or receive money from your friends selecting its contact from the agenda of your mobile phone. Pay your part of the dinner, the entrance to the cinema, a present of mobile phone birthday… to mobile phone. It's that easy.
    • Mobile payment: carries out retail purchases directly with your mobile phone, without cash, without physical card.


    Now it is easier to do everything with your mobile phone.

    And also, watches everything that you can do with Bankia Wallet:

    • Withdraws cash without card.
    • Consult the details of your card: included the expiry date and CVV.
    • Have forgotten where you have your card? Turns off and turns on your cards from the mobile phone so that they are or non-operating.

      If you take your mobile phone, it take everything. Still do not have it? Download Bankia Wallet from:
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