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With the programme Trade Friend, every time that you use your cards Bankia when carrying out your purchases benefit from discounts in the businesses associated with the programme.

How does it work?

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    Enjoy the programme Trade Friend is simple, only have to use your card Bankia in the businesses associated with the programme and you will obtain significant discounts.

    It is not necessary to give of registration nor to register to obtain discounts, just have to take your credit cards and Bankia debit in your portfolio to carry out your purchases.

    In this way, provided that you pay with them in a trade associated with the programme you will obtain accumulable discounts in the shape of discounts that will be entered monthly in your account of Bankia.

That cards participate in the programme?

  • Cards with which can benefit from the programme Trade Friend are:

    • Credit cards.
    • Debit cards.

    You can participate with so many debit or credit cards Bankia as you want. Each of them generates discount in an independent way, since it is the trade who decides that discounts gives to every type of card.

    They are excluded of the programme prepaid cards and present.

What are discounts in special promotional periods?

  • Businesses that they are part of the programme Trade Friend can decide to apply special discounts in certain periods of the year, as on the Day of the Father, San Valentín, King and the Queen…

    We put you an example:

    • Friend Trade discount 5 % (valid all year-round).
    • Discount Day of the Father (from 5 to 19 March) about 10 %.
    • Discount Day of San Valentín (from 1 to 14 February) about 10 %.

    Discounts in promotional discount periods are not summed at discount usual, but instead that it substitute.

    You can know all the novelties, promotions and businesses assigned in the program rules (PDF, 171 kB).

Member outlets

  • To know businesses that they are part of the programme Trade Friend, can use the search engine that is shown in this page introducing following details:

    • Name of the shop.
    • Sector of the activity.
    • Postal address, town, province or postcode.

    You can limit the search filtering results for:

    • Sector of activity.
    • Promotions.

    There is a list of shops beside the map with the following information:

    • Name of the shop.
    • Sector of the activity.
    • Address.
    • Usual discounts.
    • Discounts in special promotional periods.
    • Discounts for credit cards.
    • Discounts for debit cards.

    If you results easier, can always browse for the different businesses via the map.


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