Online Correspondence

Your banking mail more accessible from Bankia Online.

Benefits of Online Correspondence

  • The design of and information contained in the communications are identical to those you receive on paper, with the same legal validity and with significant advantages:

      • Immediate receipt. At the time they are generated, with no waiting and no delays.
      • Respect for the environment. You can eliminate post being physically sent to your home, although the service can be reactivated at any time.
      • Personal file:. The mail can be viewed for 2 years (from the date on which each mail is generated). You can also print the correspondence and download it to your computer.
      • Secure access. The service is found comprehensive as a functionality more within Bankia Online, which is why has best conditions of security.
      • With no associated costs.

Register for the service

    • To enjoy the online correspondence only have be client of Online Bankia, since the service goes off automatically.
    • From the option «Correspondence» you can view all communications that are generated from that time onwards and for 2 years.
    • Make the most of the opportunity and delete the shipment in role of communications from Customise » Correspondence. You will save time, as you won't depend on traditional postal mail, and you will avoid the extra work generated by handling paper, while at the same time being environmentally responsible.

    And if you are not yet client of Online Bankia and you want enjoy all its services, fills in the form of Registration application.