Servicio Dinero Ya

Need some cash? You can access funds immediately using the Dinero Ya Service. Transfer cash from your card to your account immediately, with no red tape or explanation required.

Dinero Ya Service Benefits

  • You will be able to deal with any unforeseen event.

    • Financing without procedures.
    • Without having to provide explanations.
    • Make transfers to your account from any of the Flexible Cards*, free of any handling fees.

Features of the service

    • You can transfer up to the limit of the balance available on your credit card.
    • Repayment is arranged following the payment method of the card you’re using.
    • You can go through money from your card to your account yourself from:
      • The Bankia App. Selects your card and the option Internal transfer will be shown in the main menu.
      • Bankia Online, within Cards - Internal transfers.
      • Any ATM Bankia.
      • Any of our Branches Bankia.


    * No handling fee for transfers carried out using a Flexible Card. In the case of credit cards, the transfer fee is 3.50% of the amount transferred.