Servicio Dinero Ya

Dinero Ya Service Benefits

  • You will be able to deal with any unforeseen event.

    • Financing without procedures.
    • Without having to provide explanations.
    • Make transfers to your account from any of the Flexible Cards*, free of any handling fees.

Features of the service

    • You can transfer up to the limit of the balance available on your credit card.
    • Repayment is arranged following the payment method of the card you’re using.
    • You can go through money from your card to your account yourself from:
      • The Bankia App. Selects your card and the option Internal transfer will be shown in the main menu.
      • Bankia Online, within Cards - Internal transfers.
      • Any ATM Bankia.
      • Any of our Branches Bankia.


    * No handling fee for transfers carried out using a Flexible Card. In the case of credit cards, the transfer fee is 3.50% of the amount transferred.