Google Pay

Use Google Pay now with your Bankia cards.

What is Google Pay?

  • Do not use money Google Pay

    Google Pay is a fast, easy and secure way to pay in thousands of physical shops, websites and apps using the payment methods saved in your Google account.

    You can now add your Bankia cards (credit, debit and prepaid cards), as well as VISA and Mastercard to Google Pay.

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In what devices is available Google Pay?

    • Paying with your phone in physical shops: you need an Android device (telephone or smartwatch) running the Lollipop (5.0) operating system or later and NFC technology.
    • Paying on websites and in apps: Google Pay is available for Android, iOS and PC, and is compatible with multiple web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, and others.

How can pay?

  • In stores:

    • Activate your telephone (display turned on). You do not need to unlock your phone or open the app. Make sure your Bankia card is set as Default.
    • Place the back of your telephone on the POS terminal.
    • Purchase made! In a few seconds, a blue confirmation sign will appear on your mobile phone screen.


    Online and in apps

    • You can use Google Pay whenever you see the Google Pay button as a payment method at a checkout or on the product page.
    • Select the Google Pay button, choose the Bankia card you want to use, check that the shipping address is correct, and confirm your order.
    • Purchase made!


  • What cards can I add to Google Pay?

    • In general, any Bankia credit, debit or prepaid card (VISA and MasterCard) can be linked to the service.
    • The following Bankia cards cannot be linked to the Google Pay service: Universitarias, Regalo, Iberia, Vía T, Depósito, private, Aquí-Allá, non-financial, Gasóleo, integrated, Pulsera Debito Valencia Basket.

    Is there a guide or video to see how to make payments?

    Is it secure?

    • Google Pay uses multiple security layers to protect your payment information, as well as one of the most advanced security infrastructures in the world to guarantee the safety of your account.
    • When you use your phone to pay in shops, Google Pay does not share your card information with the business. Instead, a unique encrypted number is used to protect your personal information.
    • Discovers in this video what Google Pay is and how Google Pay keeps your information safe.

    What should I do if I cannot make a payment?

    Where do I report an incident?

    • You can report a payment problem in the Google Pay app: in the superior corner left-hand spreads the Menu - Selects “Send comments” - Complete the Form.


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