Your transactions faster with your virtual portfolio. And blow over of introducing the details of your card every time that you do a purchase for Internet.

Advantages of the Service iupay!

    • Easy: simplifies the process of purchase.
    • Fast: more agility when buy.
    • Reliable: total security in the purchases for Internet.

    In addition will be able to benefit from discounts and promotions only for using iupay!

    This means of payment is available in more than 47,000 online businesses, that will identify for the following logo:

    You can buy on the internet in all the online businesses where it appears the symbol:

    Logo iupay

How does it works?

  • Enjoy your virtual portfolio is very simple:

      • Just have give you of registration in iupay! via www.iupay.es
      • Once registered, selects the cards that you wish add to your digital portfolio.


    You are already ready to do your purchases for Internet!

    When carry out a payment on the website of a trade must follow the next steps:

    • Selects the product that you want buy.
    • When the trade proposes you the payment method to use, chooses the option iupay!
    • Identify you in iupay! with your e-mail and password.
    • Chooses the card with which want pay.


    Checks how works in this video.