Pago por móvil

Bankia you offers Bankia Wallet, the app with which will be able to pay with your mobile Android.


What are the advantages?

  • We update your App of Bankia Wallet

    • Is fast: is enough with bring closer the mobile phone to the terminal to carry out the purchase.
    • Is comfortable: do not need take cards nor cash, only take you mobile phone.
    • Is insurance: you have activate the screen of your mobile phone in order to be able to pay.

What need?

    • A mobile phone with technology NFC.
    • Have downloaded the Bankia Wallet App.
    • Be Visa Cards or MasterCard holder of Bankia (debit or credit).
    • Confirmed credit your phone number. The mobile phone should not have installed software versions not officers.


    • Icon of download Google Play
    • Icon of download of App Store

How pay with with Bankia Wallet?

    • Enters the app with the same PIN that you use to access Bankia Online or the app Bankia.
    • Active the service Payment for mobile phone.
    • Selects the card with which prefer pay.

    Ready! You can already start to pay with your mobile phone via Bankia Wallet.

    You will recognise those businesses that they have technology contactless when see this symbol.

    Symbol of technology contactless

    To buy, only have unblock your mobile phone and bring closer it to the POS. You will have type in the PIN in the terminal if the amount of the purchase is higher than € 20.

    If you have some enquiry doubt the frequently asked questions Payment for mobile phone.

    In addition, only in Bankia can pay with all digital easy way platforms and sure. Discover Apple Pay (IOS), Samsung Pay, Google Payand PayPal.