Mobile payment

Forget carrying your cards on you, with Bankia Walletyou can pay directly with your mobile phone. Can you imagine it? Then don't do it, it's real!

What is mobile payment?

  • The easiest way of making a purchase, without the need to carry your card.You just need to:

    • Have a mobile phone with Android 4.4 or more with NFC technology.
    • Be VISA card holder or Bankia's MasterCard (debit or credit).
    • Confirmed phone number.
    • The mobile phone must not have unofficial software versions installed.


What are the advantages?

    • Fast: just place the mobile phone near the terminal to make the purchase.
    • Comfortable: no need to carry cards or cash, just take your mobile phone.
    • Secure: you have activate the screen of your mobile phone in order to be able to pay.


How to pay by mobile phone?

  • Very simple:

    • Enter your Bankia Wallet app,
    • Select a card with which you prefer to pay, and that's all!

    From then on you will be able to make purchases directly with your mobile phone, just by passing it close to the POS terminal. Establishments that have contactless technology will display this symbol:

    Contactless technology symbol

    When the trade types in the amount of the purchase you, you should bring closer your mobile phone in the POS with the oriented card towards the terminal to make the payment.

    If the amount of the purchase is less than €20, the transaction will have been completed.

    On the other hand, if the amount of the purchase is € 20 or more, you will have to enter the PIN of your associated card to finish the transaction.

    If you have any doubts, consult the frequently asked questions mobile payment.


Do you have an iPhone or a phone without NFC technology?

  • There is no problem, we propose an alternative to you that will also make your life easier: Bankia Wallet sticker.

    It is a small card that stick it to lower rear part of your mobile phone. In this way, your card and your mobile phone become one.

    It's that simple. You can pay just by placing your mobile phone near the shop's POS. Remember that if the amount of the purchase exceeds 20 euros you will have to enter your sticker's PIN.

    In addition, if contracts your Bankia Sticker Wallet from Bankia Online the registration fee you goes out free.