Bankia App

New Bankia App
  • Bankia App

    So easy-to-use that it works just as you work

    Available in iOS and Android

Your bank in your mobile phone

Enjoy the design the Bankia app offers you and, as well as being able to carry out all your usual operations, we have added...


  • Access through fingerprint and
    facial recognition.
  • New browsing, with a menu and
    simpler and more intuitive overall position.
  • Direct access to the App from Bankia Wallet

Discover all the innovations of the Bankia App

As well as new functions...

Customer relationship - Bankia

You will be able to make any enquiry effortlessly and have a conversation with your manager.
It's as easy as chatting with a friend.

Express Enquiry

See your balance without entering the application.
As easy as asking your mother where something is.

Switching Cards Off and On

You can block a card temporarily and activate it again.
It's as easy as turning the light off and on.

Payment by standing order

You just need to use the camera to set up your direct debits.
It's as easy as taking a photo.

  • How can I turn my cards off or on temporarily?

    Switching cards on and off will cause them to be blocked temporarily; they can be reactivated, maintaining the same physical card and PIN.
    You have access to the ON/OFF options for all your cards. Choose the card you want turn off temporarily. Just sign to turn it off temporarily. Follow the same procedure to turn it back on.

  • Can I see my notifications in the Mailbox?

    Besides being able to consult your notifications of interest, you will be able to view your mail and sign your contracts or on-going administrative procedures. You can activate notifications in your Profile if you are not already receiving them.

  • What is Express Enquiry?

    From now on you can consult the account balance you choose without needing to access the App.
    Activating this option is as easy as accessing the adjustments of your Profile. Choose the account for which you wish to see the balance and from that moment on you will have Express Enquiry available.