App Bankia

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  • Novelties App Bankia

    So easy-to-use that works as you work you

    Available in iOS and Android

From now on also can

  • Girl withdrawing cash from an ATM Bankia

    Withdraw cash without card

    You will be able to send cash who you want from the mobile phone, to withdraw cash right away in any ATM of Bankia, without the need for card. Available in the option of transfers or cards.

  • Two mobile phones trying connect

    Payment among friends Bizum

    You already have immediate access in the section of Transfer and services, to the money transfer of mobile phone to mobile phone to any of your contacts, without the need for that it provides you its bank details.

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    Opening a Deposit

    You can already contract from the App your saving products, chooses the term that more suits you for your investment and opens your deposit comfortably in the section contract.

And also, manage your investments


  • Bring your investment fund or pension plan to Bankia
  • Carry out internal transfers between your funds or Bankia pension plans

Other reasoned functionalities for you…

Payment by standing order

Only need use the chamber to pay directly your bills.
So easy as do a photo.

Express enquiry

Knows your balance without entering the application.
So easy as ask him to your mother where is something.

Turning off and Switched on cards

You can block temporarily a card and return to activate her.
So easy as turn off or turn on the switch of the light.

Relationship client - Bankia

You will be able to carry out any enquiry effortlessly and maintain a conversation with your manager.
So easy as chat with a friend.

Your bank in your mobile phone

Enjoys the design that you offers the App of Bankia where in addition to carry out your usual operations, you add...


  • Access via fingerprint and
    facial recognition.
  • New navigation, with a menu and
    simpler and intuitive overall position.
  • Immediate access to the App of Bankia Wallet
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  • Icon of download of App Store
  • Code QR

Discovers all the novelties of the App Bankia

  • How can turn off or turn on my cards temporarily?

    The turning off / switched on of cards, causes the "temporary blockade" of the card, allowing its reactivation and maintaining the same code PIN and card physics.
    In all your cards have access to the DULL options / SWITCHED ON. Chooses the card that you want temporarily turn off. Only with already sign will have turned off it temporarily. To turn on her follows the same procedure.

  • I can see my notifications in the Mailbox?

    Besides being able to consult the notifications of your interest, will be able to visualise your mail, sign your contracts or on-going administrative steps. In your Profile can activate the notifications if you not yet receive them.

  • In what consists the Express Enquiry?

    From now on, is possible to consult the account balance that choose without the need for access the App.
    Activate this option is so simple as access the reductions of your Profile. Chooses the account which want that the balance is shown and from that moment on will have the available Express Enquiry.