Bizum Payment between Friends

Paying your part of the restaurant bill, concert tickets or a friend's birthday present is now easier thanks to Bankia Wallet's Bizum Payment between Friends service.

iPhone X of 64 GB and cash prizes

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If you're carrying your mobile phone, you're carrying money

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What is the Bizum Payment between Friends service?

  • It is the easiest way of making small payments(1) between friends or acquaintances: your part of the restaurant bill, the concert ticket, the shared petrol cost in a trip...

    Send cash instantly from your mobile phone. Do not need to know the number of account of the person that will receive the money, just to know its telephone or email, and the payment is made from mobile phone to mobile phone.

What do you need?

    • Have your phone number updated with us. Nos can provide it from any of our ATMs, from Bankia Online, from the App or in any branch.
    • Have an Android or iOS mobile.
    • You will be able to use Bizum via App Bankia or via Bankia Wallet. You can download you any of the app from Google Play or AppStore
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    • Activate the service and you're ready to go!Recuerda, your key does not change if you already operate with Bankia's digital service channels.

    From now on, will be able to send money to your friends in the easiest possible way. It accesses the App of Bankia and it uses Payment among friends Bizum. Easy, convenient and secure.

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    (1) From€0.50 to 500€. No. maximum of operations received per day: 20 operations. Maximum number of operations received per month: 30 operations. Maximum number of payment requests sent per month: 30 operations.