Panda Mobile Family

If you're like a fish in water in the digital world, we offer you the security suite that allows you to protect your mobile devices, your privacy and your loved ones, in order to balance out the mix of benefits, rewards and risks that come with using this technology.

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With Panda Mobile Family, you get to benefit from the following features:

    • Instantly locate your children and/or elderly relatives.
    • Block applications at a certain time and for a set period, or at all times.
    • Obtain reports about the use of applications, websites, incoming and outgoing calls, including information on the length of time each individual application is used for, as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, games, etc. Parental control of the internet: block access to pornography or any website you wish.
    • Receive automatic alerts when they arrive at or leave a predetermined location (school, home, sport activities, etc.).
    • Location history to see the current and past locations where your child has been during the last few days.
    • Panic button: instantly alert the parents and provide the current location.
    • Multiple "parent" devices: you can monitor your child's devices from your own Smartphone.