Create your PayPal account and add your Bankia cards through our service channels.

What is PayPal?

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    PayPal is the most frequently-used online payment method. It allows its users to register their cards and/or accounts in order to make payments over the Internet. It is known for its security, simplicity and speed when making payments.

    Once your details have been stored, simply enter your email address and password to make a purchase. There is no need to key in your card details every time you make a purchase.

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PayPal has come to Bankia

  • What can I do with PayPal through Bankia Online and the Bankia app?

    • Register an account on PayPal or link your account if you already have one
    • View the list of transactions in your PayPal account directly from the Account overview in Bankia.
    • Add Bankia cards to PayPal directly through our service channels

    Additionally, from PayPal, can select your card Bankia so that it is your preferred payment method in your purchases

Benefits of having PayPal in Bankia

    • It is very easy. Simply log in to Bankia Online or the app, and go to the option Transfers and Services, Other Services, and click on the option Link PayPal.
    • You have everything in one place. When you log in to Bankia Online or the Bankia app, you will be able to see all your balances, both in Bankia and in PayPal.
    • Benefit from all the security that PayPal and Bankia offer you.


  • How open or I link my account PayPal?

    • It is very easy. Only have access Bankia Online or the app of Bankia, go to the section of Transfers and Services, Other Services and click the option Link PayPal.
    • You will be able to mark the Bankia cards that you want include in PayPal and create an account PayPal (if you do not have it) or logarse to link her (if are already client PayPal).
    • Once accept the conditions, will see your positions PayPal in Bankia Online or in the app, in the same way that see your positions Bankia.

    Which Bankia service channels can I access PayPal from?

    • From Bankia Online and the Bankia app.

    ¿How do I mark a card as my preferred payment method?

    • Please go to PayPal's website. Go to My portfolio-> My Payment ways and access the card Bankia that is wished prioritise-> Click in Establishing as preferred.

    ¿How can I add another Bankia card to PayPal?

      • From Bankia Online or the Bankia app
        • Go to the account that is already linked to our service channel.
        • Click on the 3 dots on the right-hand side -> Add payment methods.
        • Authorise Bankia to provide information to PayPal.
        • Enter the OTP and your Digital signature. You will be redirected to the PayPal web page.

    ¿How can I find out in which stores/apps/websites I can pay with PayPal?

    • In apps or on website, you can pay by PayPal whenever you see the button “Pay with PayPal”.

    ¿Does it cost money to open a PayPal account?

    • You are not charged anything for opening a PayPal account or for making purchases using your PayPal account.

    ¿How can I unlink my PayPal account from Bankia online or the Bankia app?

    • Log in. Go to the PayPal account that appears in your Accounts Overview -> clock on View transactions -> Dissociate PayPal account.

    ¿How do I delete a credit or debit card from my PayPal account?

    • Please go to PayPal's website. Go to My Portfolio -> click on the card you wish to delete -> Modify -> Delete card.

    ¿Do you need more information on how PayPal works?


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