Recharge your Madrid Public Transport Card

We place at your disposal the best way to top up your Public Transport Card: any Bankia ATM.

Here you can top up:

  • The Public Transport Card (TTP), for monthly transport passes (30 calendar days). or 10-journey tickets for the Metro network and city and inter-city buses.
  • The MULTI Card, for 10-journey tickets for the Metro network and city and inter-city buses.

Features of the Madrid Public Transport Top Up Service

    • More convenient: because you can recharge it 24 hours a day 7 days a week at more than 1,250 Bankia ATMs in the Community of Madrid.
    • At no additional cost: you only pay the amount of your deposit.
    • It's really easy. All you have to do is insert your bank card, enter your PIN and select the Consorcio Regional de Transportes (Regional Transportation Consortium) option.

    The Card Public Transport Charging service is accessible from the majority of outside ATMs of Bankia (with access from the street) of the Community of Madrid.

    The ATMs are identified by a sticker showing an image of the Public Transport Card. If you cannot see this sticker, on the ATM screen you will find an indicator with information on the availability of the top up service.

    Screen grab of ATM

    See List of available ATMs (PDF, 191 kB) that they provide the charging service.

How to top up

  • Topping up your transport card is really easy thanks to Bankia's charging service.

    Just follow these steps:

    • Insert your bank card and type in your PIN.
    • Select "Recarga de transporte” (Transport card top up) and choose your card.
    • Place your transport card near the indicated area until the top up is completed.

    Illustration with instructions for topping up Madrid Public Transport card