Servicio de Alertas a Móviles

The peace of mind of knowing all your transactions.

Service benefits

    • The calm and security that offers know at all times the movements and operations carried out with your cards.
    • Easy and covenient, because you can contract it directly from Bankia Online, Oficina Telefónica.
    • Flexible, as you are the one who decides which alerts you receive and the time slot.
    • Fast, because you receive the information immediately.

    And remembers that you can manage comfortably all your alerts from Bankia Online: register new alerts, change existing alerts, check messages sent, etc.

    You can register on this page or through the Oficina Telefónica.

What are the main features?

  • The Mobile Alerts Service uses SMS to keep you informed about your banking operations (account transactions, card operations, investment funds, etc.).

    A flexible service that allows you to choose what type of alerts you want to receive and when, so that it can be best adapted to your needs.

    • Accounts: you inform of the deposit of your salary, the charge of bills, the cheques payment or refund, the deposit of a transfer or when your balance is lower than the amount that you indicate us.
    • Cards: we'll notify you about the operations carried out with any of your cards (retail purchases, ATM withdrawals, etc.), your monthly billing and when you reach your card credit limit.
    • Bankia Online: you tell of the accesses to your Online Bankia.
    • Investment funds: knows punctually your funds' assessment.
    • Securities: receive information about share prices, notification of the total or partial execution of an order and of unexecuted expired orders.

What is the cost?

    • Registration fee: free.
    • Semiannual maintenance fee: 6 euros + VAT (includes the first 50 messages sent in the six-month period). If you have your salary paid directly into your account in the bank, there will be no fee.
    • Cost of additional message after the first 50 SMSs: €0.15 + VAT.