Servicio Dinero Ya

The Dinero Ya Service allows you to transfer money from your card to your associated account with immediate availability.

Advantages of the Dinero Ya Service

  • Transfer a balance from your card to your associated Bankia account within the current available credit limit.

    • You can have cash available whenever you need it.
    • Just transfer money from your card to the account associated with it.
    • No wait time, no paperwork.
    • Repayment is arranged following the payment method of the card you’re using.

    * Free internal transfer within the following cards: Flexible, Premier, Maxitarjeta, Transparente, Maxicrédito, Free, Free + Cuota Fija, Iberia Max, Hercesa Cuota Fija, Club Mapfre Cuota Fija and ADA. For the rest of the credit cards with this service available, a fee of 3.5% of the amount of the operation with a minimum of € 4 will be applied.