Direct Debit Payment Service

Convenient, fast and simple. We do everything necessary to transfer your direct debits.

Advantages of the Direct Debit Service

  • If you're looking for a quicker way to manage your bills, you can pay them and perform direct debiting through our ATM network and our digital service channels*.

    The easiest way:

    • Select the option «Bill payment».
    • Follow the indications: issuer details, amount, etc.
    • Check the details and accept the operation.
    • You set up direct debits for your bills at the time of payment by marking the YES option in the section "Direct billing».

    We take care of everything necessary to transfer your direct debits in the most convenient and secure way for you.

    * 24-hour available service. Payments made between the 10.00pm and 23:59 h will be done effective dated the next day.

Your direct billing bills in Bankia are worth more than which you believe

  • Take part in the prize draw* for 120 prizes of 1,000 euros.

    • Customers who have their salary or pension paid directly into their Bankia account: 2 POINTS.
    • Customers who set up a standing order for a bill: 2 POINTS for every receipt

    *Valid promotion of 1/03/17 to 08/31/17 and from 09/1/17 to 02/28/18, consisting of two prize draws (11/10/17 and 11/04/18 respectively) of 60 prizes of€1,000 each, for clients individuals, that they have direct billing the salary ≥€450 or pension ≥€200, or they manage the change of direct debit of its bills via the Exchange service of Direct payment, or they pay directly bills via Bankia Online, Oficina Móvil or set up ATMs. The money prize has patrimonial gain consideration on that which the corresponding tax withholding in force will be practiced to account that it will be deduced of the amount of the prize. Notarial bases available from Bankia branches and at the terms and conditions of the promotion (PDF, 117 kB).