Bankia FinanExpress Service

Finance your purchases, bills and taxes paid by direct debit at any time and according to your needs.

FinanExpress Service Benefits

  • With the FinanExpress Service you can finance your day-to-day expenses quickly and simply through our digital service channels or any Bankia ATM:

    • The charges you have on your account, both direct debits and your debit card purchases.
    • Payments made with your credit card, whether purchases, withdrawals or transfers (Dinero Ya Service), or the monthly card payment itself.

    Thus, with the FinanExpress Service you can divide payment for all these operations into as many as 12 months. In this way, in less than a minute you can defer payment for your purchases and pay in convenient monthly quotas. Remember that you can easily view all your transactions using Bankia Online.

    Don't wait any longer to adapt your card payments to your needs and enjoy the convenience of not having to carry out any additional procedures.

    To find out more about how the FinanExpress Service works, you can consult the following Explanatory infographic (PDF, 178 kB).