iValores Service

The Service I-securities you allows espousing a differentiated fare for the fees derived from operations of purchase - national and international sale of shares.

Benefits of the i-Valores Service

  • The clients that they operate via Bankia Online can contract the Service I-securities with access to a preferential fare in stock trading operations nationals and international. As an added value, this service gives customers direct access to real-time quotes from the continuous market.

    The iValores Service is aimed at individuals of legal age, with all-to-sign securities accounts.

What fees are charged for the I-Securities service?

  • All variable-income trading transactions carried out by the customer after signing up for this service will enjoy reduced commissions for national and international securities.

      • National trading commission 0.20% per transaction, with a minimum of €8.
      • International transaction fee:
        • I-Valores: 0.20% per transaction, with a minimum of €25.
        • Internet: 0.5% per transaction with a minimum of €35. International transactions fee:

    * Fees calculated on the effective value of the transaction. These commissions include brokerage fees. Levies and taxes not included.

Functioning of the I-Valores Service

    • The iValores Service has established a half-yearly fee of €80 plus taxes. This fee will be applicable only if the commissions paid on national and international variable income trading transactions are less than this amount.
    • If the amount invoiced is more than €80, no additional commission will be charged.
    • This fee will be invoiced at the end of the six-monthly period or earlier, in the event of early cancellation.