Payroll Service

It enjoys great advantages and blow over of fees only for paying directly your salary with us. And it achieves, also, an improvement in the conditions of contracting in various products.

Advantages of the Payroll Service

  • The Payroll Service you offers the possibility of accessing different products in special conditions:

    • We remove you fees with your salary paid in directly.
    • Service of overdraft valued at the 70 % of the salary with a maximum of€1,100.
    • Free management: change direct debit for your billsinto your account.
    • Mobile Alerts Service free of charge (includes first 50 text messages sent in the six-month period, additional messages: €0.15 per message + VAT).
    • Free Accident Insurance up to €7,500 in the event of death or total permanent disability.
    • Free mail service via the Comprehensive Statement, that provides monthly the information of all your products.
    • Free credit card for the holder carrying out a purchase a year.
    • Crédito Puedes Más: your credit with a preferred interest and a term of until 8 years to pay it.
    • Préstamo Inversión y Pensiones: Financing with excellent conditions for investments in Bankia products
    • Hipoteca Bonificada: you can obtain excellent economic conditions on your loan.
    • Discounts in home insurances.

Terms and Conditions of the contracting

    • The Payroll Service offers the advantage of accessing different products in special conditions provided that the amount of the salary is equal to or more than€450.
    • The Service of overdraft will be effective for the holders of the Salary Service that are aware of payment and will be employed to attend debit entries direct billing, purchases to debit and reimbursements in ATMs to debit with a maximum limit of overdraft of 200 euros.
    • Free accident insurance with the insurer Bankia Mapfre Life.
    • Free Bankia credit card for the account holder just for making one purchase a year with it. Except cards Iberia (Sendo and Max), VíaT, Gas oil, Business, Professional, Platinum, Infinite and Trade. Otherwise the cost is €34.

    Home Insurance brokered by BANKIA MEDIATION Associated Banking-Insurance Operator, S.A.U. (ID number to-40148884) and registered office in Pº Castellana, 189, 28046 Madrid. Registered in the special administrative record of Insurance Brokers of the Directorate-General for Insurance and Pension Funds with the key OV-0034. Subscribed agency contracts of insurances with Mapfre Spain, Mapfre Overall Risks and Bankia Mapfre Life. Financial liability insurance and skills cover according to current legislation.

How to pay directly your salary

  • You can pay directly your salary easily with just to fill in details of the next Form (PDF, 48 kB) including the number of account of Bankia where you want that your salary is entered.

    Recuerda that you must print, to sign and to deliver this document in your company.

Your salary at Bankia raincheck more than which you believe.

  • It participates in the prize draw* of 120 prizes of 1,000 euros.

    • Clients with the direct billing salary or pension in Bankia: 2 POINTS.
    • Clients that pay directly some receipt: 2 POINTS for every receipt.


    *Valid promotion of 1/03/17 to 08/31/17 and from 09/1/17 to 02/28/18, consisting of two prize draws (11/10/17 and 11/04/18 respectively) of 60 prizes of€1,000 each, for clients individuals, that they have direct billing the salary ≥€450 or pension ≥€200, or they manage the change of direct debit of its bills via the Exchange service of Direct payment, or they pay directly bills via Bankia Online, Oficina Móvil or set up ATMs. The money prize has patrimonial gain consideration on that which the corresponding tax withholding in force will be practiced to account that it will be deduced of the amount of the prize. Available notarial bases in Bankia branches and bases of the promotion (PDF, 117 kB).