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Accesses the documents necessary to the fulfillment of the standard on information to clients.

You can download all the Information of interest for customers (PDF, 186 kB), with direct links to documents of the Notice board.

1. Customer Service

This service will solve complaints and claims in compliance with that established in the Regulations for the Defence of Customers.

2. Banking and protection transparency to the client

In this section you will be able to find useful documents regarding the access to the mortgage, good work experience programs and other interest topics.

3. Deposit Guarantee Fund

Access to the document with information regarding the Deposit insurance Fund of the Credit institutions.

4. Rates and Charges

In this space you will find brochures of fares of fees, conditions and expenses chargeable to clients, as well as the ones regarding the share market.

5. Fees, interest and exchange rates

In this section is published the information regarding offered fees and going rates, applicable rates and commissions in overdrafts and exceeded and the daily exchange rates in currency and ticket operations.

6. Share market

In this section you can find forms of agreement of investment service, of financial instruments custody and administration and of investment portfolio management.

7. Other useful information for the clients

Are collected in this other documents section of usefulness related to fee-paying means movements and the baskets of funds and plans associated with combined deposits.