SMEs and self-employed workers

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  • For being SME

Bankia thinks in you and it puts at your disposal everything that your business needs


  • Specialised advice to attend all the needs of your business.
  • All products and services that needs your business.
  • Financing so that your projects still grow.

Customised products that are adapted to your business

  • Account_ON Self-employed workers

    Digital account without fees + Free Professional Débito On Card + Access to digital channels

  • Industrial coffeepot


    We want to bet by self-employed workers and to offer them the best financing for its business with some very advantageous conditions.

  • Payment with datáfono

    Credi POS

    Now to use the tpv of Bankia you gives financing for your business via CrediTPV.

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FOR BEING Self-employed worker in Bankia you have more advantages which believe for your business

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Our online services reasoned for your business

  • Bankia Online Business

    It carries out your way enquiries and bank transactions simple and with total security.

  • Electronic Invoicing

    Forgets invoices in role, will save in costs and you will expedite the process of notification.

  • Charges and Payments management

    Improvement the management of the charges and payments of your company thanks to this tool.