Accounts and cards

Accounts and cards
  • Business Pack

    *Legal Aid for your business.

Benefit from the Pack Negocios with the products and services you need

We do away the the fees on your accounts and cards*
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  • Just for being self-employed, at Bankia we'll do away with your fees only for having direct debits for your Social Security or tax payments.
  • We'll do away with the administration and maintenance fees on all your demand deposit accounts.
  • We'll do away with the fees on your standard Business Professional debit and credit cards.
  • You will benefit from an extensive nationwide network of ATMs and branches.

Cards designed for you to make the most out of your business activity

  • Business Credit Card

    Business card

    We help you to simplify the management of your expenses and offer you extra advantages such as insurance associated with your card.

  • Professional card

    Professional Card

    Cards Bankia has designed especially for professionals and the self-employed. Enjoys all their advantages now.

  • Via T Card

    Vía T Card

    Benefit from greater security and convenience on your trips thanks to the Bankia Vía T Card.

No fees

Just for being you, we eliminate fees in your Bankia accounts and cards

Services designed for your company

  • Oficina Internet Empresas

    Make your enquiries and bank transactions simply and with total security.

  • Charge and Payment Management

    Improve the management of your company's payments and receipts thanks to this tool.

  • How can I change the limits on my card?

    If you need to modify your credit card limit, you can do it though Oficina Internet or go to any Bankia branch.

  • How can I sign up for the Business card?

    At your branch or through your commercial manager.

    The contract will register the company (legal entity), whereas the cards will be given to persons.

  • How can return a receipt?

    To return a direct debit enter your Oficina Internet and select Account Movements , give details and click return.