Accounts and cards

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  • Account_ON Self-employed workers

It enjoys products and services that need


  • For being self-employed worker in Bankia, you remove fees, with just to have your social securities or direct billing taxes.
  • Delete administration fees and maintenance of all your accounts to the view.
  • Delete fees of the cards Business debit and credit Professional standard.
  • You will enjoy a broad ATMs network and of nationwide branches.
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For Being You remove fees and you give away value-added services exclusively for you

Reasoned cards to take out the great avail to your business activity

  • Solred card Credit

    Solred card Credit

    The perfect card for companies, SMEs, self-employed workers and professionals.

    Without fee

    of Registration

    2% of discount

    in Repsol, Campsa and Petronor

  • Business Credit Card

    Card Business

    You help to simplify your expenses' management and you offer extra advantages such as insurances associated with your card.

    Set-up fee



    of accidents and trips

  • Professional card

    Professional cards

    Cards that Bankia has designed especially for professionals and self-employed workers. It enjoys already of its advantages.

    Set-up fee



    of Mapfre accidents

Reasoned services for your company

  • Bankia Online Business

    It carries out your way enquiries and bank transactions simple and with total security.

  • Charges and Payments management

    Improvement the management of the charges and payments of your company thanks to this tool.

  • How can modify the limits of my card?

    If need to modify the limit of your credit card can do it via Bankia Online or address to any Bankia's branch.

  • What fees has the card companies?

    • The registration of the card is free.
    • The maintenance fee is subsidised starting from the 4th payee and successive card in addition to for every card that it turns over individually 5,000 euros to credit in the twelve previous months to the one of the charge of the fee.
  • How can return a receipt?

    You will be able to do a refund of a receipt from Transactions selecting Return Receipt in:

    • The App Bankia
    • Bankia Online

    Recuerda that also will be able to consult the PDF of the original transaction receipt.