Pack Negocios

  • We put at your disposal the Pack Businesses

    All products and services that needs your business

  • Cuenta Negocio, Card Business Professional. Oficina Internet Empresas and POS. The best services with the most advanced technology.


Bankia at your disposal puts the Pack Businesses, with all products and services that needs your business:

  • Cuenta Negocio. A current account that it allows all type of operations, to help you to that your business grows.
  • Card Business Professional Debit/Credit. You allow carrying out payments or to obtain cash in ATMs, anywhere else in the world, with a great control of incurred costs. Thus will avoid to carry out advances of cash to your employees, providing the management of its accounting.
  • Business's Oficina Internet. A service whose nature it is to do it all simpler and insurance. Avoids uncomfortable displacements and it carries out its bank transactions at any time and from where want.
  • POS (POINT OF SALES). We put at your disposal the best services and the most advanced technology so that your clients can pay with card and you can increase its sales. And all of this, in some competitive conditions.

Other benefits

In addition, the Pack Businesses you gives many more advantages:

  • For starting to trust in us your business activity, first six months have exemption from fees in the products of the Pack.
  • For having Cuenta Negocio, Card Business Professional Debit and Oficina Internet Empresas, access free legal aid.
  • In addition, if are self-employed workers and it pays directly social securities, you would be able to have that exemption (except in TPVs) indefinitely and of a free accident insurance, with a coverage of until€7,500 because of death or total disability or permanent*.

*Bankia Insurance Company Mapfre Life. Company insurer of the insurance group Mapfre.