Tarjeta Business Crédito

  • We offer you two very special cards

    Gold Card and Silver Card

  • Free sign up. Benefit from credit for your purchases. Accident and travel insurance.
  • Business Credit Card

Business Credit Card Benefits

  • No registration fee.
  • No maintenance fee* if you belong to the programme “JUST FOR BEING YOU” for SMEs.
  • You can choose from between 100% payment the following month with no interest, or deferred payment**.
  • Enjoy credit for your purchases. Up to €30,000 with the Silver Card and €150,000 with the Gold Card.
  • Accident insurance with Mapfre (up to €450,000 with silver and €600,000 with gold).
  • Travel assistance insurance with Mapfre.
  • Connection Service: broad coverage in computer services and legal assistance.
  • Allows you to make payments anywhere in the world and at any time.
  • Avoid giving cash advances to your employees to cover travel and business expenses.
  • Greater control of expenditures through the statement your company receives, as it lets you review travel advances and pay invoices. Furthermore, it allows for a more detailed breakdown of information to facilitate your bookkeeping.
  • Free insurances associated with the card: for employees' accidents, travel assistance and disloyalty.
    They allow you to pay by direct debit from the company or employee's account.
  • Flexible payment methods: you can choose between cash payment or deferred payment, as well as the date for the card payments to be charged.
  • You can also request the cards' charges to be combined into a single charge or to be charged one by one.
  • You set the daily and monthly cash withdrawal limits.
  • Bankia also offers you a powerful business card management system: InfoCorporate.

Connection Service

This is a free service that includes significant benefits for company MasterCard card holders.

  • Free technological support.
  • Mobile phone and tablet assistance.
  • Management and consultancy service.
  • Judicial and legal service.
  • Tax consultancy.

You can find further information on these provisions in MasterCard Service Connection.

Your card in the mobile phone

Know Bankia Wallet? The app with which will be able to buy with your mobile Android without taking the card top.

In addition, only in Bankia can pay with all digital easy way platforms and sure. Discover Apple Pay (IOS), Samsung Payand Google Pay.

And take advantage of have PayPal in our service channels. You can link an account PayPal, consult movements and add Bankia cards to PayPal directly from the app Bankia and Bankia Online.

* In the case of not fulfilling conditions, the maintenance fee will be 43 € for the Card Business Silver and € 70 for the Card Business Gold. Additionally, even if you do not fulfill the conditions, no maintenance fee will be charged if individually you charge more than € 10,000 in credit in twelve months prior to the fee due date in the case of the Oro Card and more than € 5,000 in the case of the Plata Card. Always free from the fourth beneficiary card.

** Interest rate for deferred payment 23.40% annual NIR and 26.08% APR.