Tarjeta Vía T Particulares

  • Enjoy the advantages of electronic toll collection!

    With the Vía T Card you can operate on the whole motorway network in Spain and Portugal

  • Simple. Place the card on your windscreen. Valid on all motorways in Spain and Portugal. The payment is charged directly to your account.
  • Via T Card

    How does it work?

    • As simple as placing the card at the windscreen of your car. In this way, when you pass through the toll booth arch, a reader detects the signal emitted by your card and opens the barrier without the need to stop your vehicle.
    • Operations during the month with the Vía T Card are charged directly to the associated account on the 1st of the next month. In addition, so that you can monitor your expenditure, once a month we will send you a statement with your payments identified by the routes you travelled. You can also consult your movements at any time via the Oficina Internet.

    Advantages of the Vía T Card

    • With the Vía T Card* not only do you make a significant saving in time and fuel, you can also benefit from significant discounts for frequency of use.. These discounts, which can reach 60% in some routes, are applied directly by the concession holder.
    • If you would like more information about the roads on which you can use this device, as well as the above-mentioned discounts, visit the website www.viat.es