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Bankia works to give you more advantages in your business activity

We place all the available tools and experts at your service to advise you on our range of products designed for the farming sector.


  • Facilities for processing and advancing agricultural subsidies.
  • A wide range of agricultural insurance policies and financing of the premium.
  • More than 300 branches specialising in the farming business.
  • We waive the fees when you set up a direct debit for your social security payments or have your agricultural subsidy paid directly into your bank account.


Cards designed for you to make the most of your business

  • Gasoleo Debit Card

    Gasóleo Bonificado Débito

    Designed exclusively for debit purchases of subsidised diesel.

    Free registration

    Debit system


    On account

  • Gasoleo Debit Card

    Gasóleo Bonificado Crédito

    Designed exclusively for credit purchases of subsidised diesel.

    Free registration

    Credit system


    To month end

Man smiling with arms folded. Agricultural assistance

We advise you and help you process your agricultural subsidy

Our online services designed for your activity

  • Bankia Online Empresas

    Make your enquiries and bank transactions simply and with total security.

  • E-Billing

    Forget about paper invoices; you'll save on costs and expedite the notification process.

  • Pay Taxes by Lots

    Make tax payments on behalf of third parties through Bankia Online Empresas.