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  • Harvest advances

    With no repayment commission

    Fast and simple procedure

Thanks to Bankia financing you will be able to grow your operation or business

We offer you a wide variety of financing products in order to cover the costs of your day-to-day operations and your investment projects


  • Short-term financial solutions tailored to the particular nature of the field.
  • With specialists that will advise you in order to tailor the financial product to your needs and situation.
  • We adapt our products to your operation's different production cycles.
  • We analyse your investment project and look for the best financial solution to carry it out.

Outstanding financing for your business

  • Farmer revising its harvest. EIB Agro

    EIB Sector Agrodiet

    Financing with exceptional conditions and with the assistance of the European Investment Bank.





  • Farmer watching the atardecer. Agro Saeca

    Agro SAECA

    A loan tailored to the sector and guaranteed by SAECA for you to carry out your investments.


    Without mortgages


    Up to 15 years

  • Leaves of a harvest. Agro Reverse Factoring

    Agro Reverse Factoring

    Pay your suppliers, offering them the possibility to collect payment in advance.


    In costs


    To suppliers

Discover the whole range of Bankia financing

  • Finance the internationalisation process and the exporting activity of companies with a registered office in Spain.

  • Because there are always unforeseen events.

  • Manage your payments in a simple manner.

  • If you need to purchase seeds and fertilizer.

  • We advance you the value of your grants and subsidies.

  • We offer you 100% financing.

  • Business project financing in Spain and the EU.

  • Financing of investment in fixed assets.

  • Financing of investment in fixed assets, products.

  • Facilitates the financing of investments in productive fixed assets.

  • A loan tailored to the sector and guaranteed by SAECA for you to carry out your investments.

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Bankia solutions

Digital tools for SMEs, a place that is constantly developing to help you grow.