Anticipo ayudas y campañas

  • We advance you the value of your grants, subsidies

    And payment for your harvest

  • Designed for the short-term needs of the farmer. A flexible product. Pays up to 90% of the subsidy in advance; repayment in up to 18 months.


At Bankia we know how hard it is to achieve a good harvest. That's why we want to do as much as we can for you, offering you our specially designed services for the agriculture and stockbreeding sector that you will help to work with more confidence and agility.

Specially designed services to make your work in the fields easier.

We will pay your official subsidies in advance and even, in exceptional conditions, when you really need it, pay you for your upcoming harvest.

  • Simple procedure and simplicity in the required documentation.
  • Granting of the advance quickly and agilely.
  • No repayment fee.
  • Notarisation not necessary for amounts lower than € 30,000.
  • We adapt our products your operation's production cycles.

Bankia allows you to take advantage today of your earnings from your harvest or the money from your official subsidy; all you have to do is have it paid directly into your Bankia account.

Then you can devote all your efforts to that which really matters, your day-to-day work. Leave the rest to us.

Choose the terms of payment.

Moreover, if you have your CAP subsidy paid into your Bankia account or have direct debits set up for your social security or tax payments, we will waive all bank charges.