Cuenta de Crédito Agro

  • Because there are always unforeseen events

    Covers your liquidity gaps with an account adapted to the field

  • You offer the financial support that need. Subsidised type according to the aim of the willingness. Flexibility.

Distinctive Credit Account Agro

We know that your day by day is very complicated, that you finds with gaps between the charge of the invoices of your clients and the payments that they have carry out to its farmers and producers.

A breakdown in the machinery that it is necessary to pay already, the payment of seeds, fertilizers... pay the harvest to the farmers that you supply stock in order to be able to follow with your production… and top today, for punch line, arrive your employees' social securities and you do not have enough liquidity.

For this, put at your disposal a Credit Account specific for the agricultural sector, a flexible product that you gives the possibility of obtaining a credit limit, in order to be able to undertake all these payments and more.

And, why you suits a Credit Account Bankia?

Because unlike other credit facilities, Bankia expands the range of possibilities of its use, which you will allow having the elder of the treasures, calm:

  • Of knowing that your financial mishaps are covered.
  • Of being able to have the money in the moment that you need it.
  • Of having a line of funding chord to your needs.

And everything with some very special prices, since all the provisions that go set aside for give liquidity to the agricultural activity or rancher give a bonus them to you.