Cuenta de Crédito Agro

  • Because there are always unforeseen events

    It covers your liquidity gaps with an account adapted to the field

  • We offer you the financial support you need. Subsidised rate according to the purpose of the provision. Flexibility

Features of the Agro Credit Account

We know that your daily working life is very complicated, that you find yourself with gaps between the payments you receive from your customers and those you have to make to your farmers and producers.

A repair to machinery that has to be paid right now, the purchase of seeds, fertilizers, etc. to pay the farmers who supply you with the stock you need to continue your production… and to top it all, today the bill arrives for your employees' social security payments and you don't have enough liquidity.

For this, put at your disposal a Credit Account specifically for the agricultural sector, a flexible product that offers you a credit limit to help you meet all these payments and more.

And, Why would a Bankia Credit account suit you?

Because, unlike other credit facilities, Bankia expands the range of possibilities of its use, which will give you more liquidity, peace of mind:

  • of knowing that your financial setbacks will be covered.
  • of being able to have the money when you need it.
  • of having a loan facility in keeping with your needs.

And all at very special rates, as we will give a rebate on all those provisions destined to provide liquidity for the agricultural or stockbreeding business.