Financiación Seguros Agrarios

  • We finance you 100%

    of your Agricultural Insurance premium

  • Financing up to 100%. Lump sum payment on maturity. Damage to facilities, public liability, accident insurance, etc.

Features of Agricultural Insurance financing

At Bankia we want to stand by the side of farmers and small businesses and offer the best choice of services for your business.

Your operations, harvest, cattle, machinery etc. always run risks. That's why you need an insurance policy that Bankia can offer you, as well as finance it with exceptional conditions.

All our services are adapted to agriculture and stockbreeding and will give you greater confidence and security in your work. That's why we allow you to finance the cost of your agricultural insurance policies.

  • Simple procedure.
  • We can grant you a loan quickly and agilely.
  • All you have to do is have the compensation paid directly into your Bankia account in the case of a claim.
  • No repayment fee.
  • Notarisation not necessary for amounts lower than € 30,000.
  • We adapt our products your operation's production cycles.

In addition, have a broad insurance catalogue agricultural or farming insurances.

Because risks can also be paid for little by little.