Préstamo Abastecimiento

  • If need to buy seeds and deposits

    We move forward you the money with some very advantageous conditions

  • You offer the financial support that need. Until 80 % of the investment. With excellent conditions to fixed rate.

Supply Loan characteristics

Bankia has as an objective to promote the new investment. For this we put on the market specific financing for the farming activity.

Need to improve your production?, to buy seeds or deposits for the new harvest?, or simply liquidity for running expenses?

The Préstamo Agro Abastecimiento loan you allow obtaining until 80 % of the investment in the purchase of seeds, deposits and all the material necessary to the preparation of the harvest, with a financing to 12 months and personal warranty, in some conditions adapted to your needs.

Because in Bankia want to help you to find solutions. A loan with excellent conditions to fixed rate, and where you will pay in a quarterly or half-yearly way without having fret of the capital until the maturity.