Préstamos Agro SAECA

  • Financing tailored to the sector

    Farmers, ranchers, and companies in the agro-food sector

  • Preferential economic terms and conditions. Up to 800,000 euros for companies. Up to 250,000 euros for farmers and stockbreeders.

Characteristics of the Agro SAECA

The Agro SAECA loan is a type of financing guaranteed by SAECA (State Limited Company for Agricultural Guarantees), which lets you finance up to 100% of the investment to be made.

This is a product adapted to the circumstances of the farming and ranching sector. It offers some exceptional terms and the loan duration can be extended up to 15 years.

Financing for young agriculturalists who need to finance the assets they need to gain entry into the sector or to make investments for improvements, modernisation of facilities, acquisition of operations, transformation of irrigable lands, or purchase of other assets, as well as for adaptation of cold-storage rooms, greenhouses, etc.

Includes a SAECA guarantee (a personal guarantee of 100% of the amount of the transaction), and without the need to pledge your assets as collateral.

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