Aids Agricultural CAP

  • Agricultural aid simulator

Because small things start for a small seed

We bet for being to your side in the growth of your agricultural undertaking, starting from the first seed of today, until everything that it is for coming tomorrow...

Committed from today

Procedure of aids

Because the future is full of opportunities for your business, in Bankia we maintain a very clear commitment with all the farmers and ranchers, with solutions that really conform to its needs.

That is why, you provide the administrative procedures of your agricultural aid and subsidies CAP. It's that easy!

  • On to your usual branch the dossier of procedure of aids CAP of the previous year.
  • We will complete the information in the branch and we will proceed to your agricultural aid and subsidies' procedure CAP.
  • And if it need, you anticipate(1) the amount.

You expect in your branch Bankia usual.

In addition, so that you can always have someone, put at your disposal a real especially focused service series to the agricultural sector that will help to that your earth generates the fruits that waits.


Anticipates your Assistance

Who works in the field it knows: the future starts today.

Bankia you assistance receivable as soon as possible your agricultural aid and subsidies. Just with pay directly them will be able to have your aids' advance, to cover those expenses that they can not expect.


And also, You remove the fees (2)

Farmer or rancher!, with the direct payment of your CAP Assistance will stop paying fees of service in all your accounts.


(1) Financing of the investment subject to granting of the risk by Bankia.

(2) Self-employed worker, merchant or freelance professional, holder of a qualified account as not consumer and that fulfills one of these requirements: social securities (during at least the last 3 months) or direct billing taxes (at least an operation in the last 4 months or 3 operations in the last 12 months) or the aids agricultural CAP direct billing, or salary (mín. € 450) or pension (mín. € 200) or direct billing unemployment (mín. € 200).