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    Of the premium of the insurance

You plant which you plant, plant face to your unforeseen events

Your calm is our priority, and to guarantee her you offer a wide range of insurance so that you and your operations are always protected


    • Security with our range Farming insurances, that covers all the risks that threaten to your harvest or operations.
    • Protects everything that integrates your operations, machinery, facilities, transport vehicles, etc.
    • Protection for your activity with our legal liability range, will be untroubled front before any claim.
    • Ensures your calm and that one of your family with our life insurance wide range, health, home, auto, etc.


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Selection of the different types of AGRO Insurance

  • Farming insurances

    The insurance that need for your cultivations. So that you can feel you untroubled.

  • Agricultural insurance

    Have all your insured machinery and thus no unforeseen event will be able to stop you.

  • Staffs

    The calm costs very little with a surely takes care of your future.