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Setbacks that can occur during the harvest and the diseases faced by cattle.

This is why we have a vast range of insurance policies to offer you peace of mind. Agriculture

  • Citric Insurance

  • Wine Grape Insurance

  • Fruit Insurance

  • Olive Insurance

  • Nut Insurance

  • Insurance of Persimmon and Other Fruit from Deciduous Trees

  • Other insurance policies

  • Bovine Reproduction and Production Insurance

  • Feedlot Heifer Insurance

  • Sheep and Goat Livestock Insurance

  • Poultrymeat Insurance

  • Laying Poultry Insurance

  • Swine Insurance

  • Insurance for Withdrawal and Destruction of Dead Animals

  • Maximum coverages for Bovine, Camelid, Goat, Deer, Quail, Rabbit, Emu, Equine, Pheasant, Hen, Boar, Goose, Sheep, Duck, Turkey, Freshwater Fish, Sea Fish, Partridge, Chicken, Free-range Chicken and Swine operations. Other insurance policies

  • Fish Farm Insurance

  • Other insurance policies

  • SMEs and autonomos