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Seguro Bankia Vida Renta

1 /6
This number is indicative of the risk of the product, whereby 1 / 6 indicates a minor risk and 6 / 6 a major risk.
The early reimbursement, redemption or refund of part or all of the invested principal is subject to commissions or penalties.

We know you want to ensure that your family's economic situation is well protected.

    Main features

    At Bankia we provide a single-premium savings insurance, which in the event of death or full and permanent disability, will immediately begin periodic payment of an economic sum, either for a specific duration or for life.

    With this insurance type:

    • We guarantee the beneficiaries designated in the policy the planned income in the form of constant payments.
    • Renewable annual risk life insurance .


    • This insurance has an extended coverage of outstanding balance cancellation in credit cards issued by Bankia (limit€3,005).
    • In the event of unemployment, we protect receipt of the insurance using an annuity.
    • You can contract this insurance with no need for a medical exam.


    Insurance brokered by BANKIA MEDIACIÓN Operador de Banca-Seguros Vinculado, S.A.U. (NIF A-40148884) and registered office at Pº Castellana 189, 28046 Madrid. Insurance agency contracts signed with Mapfre España, Mapfre Global Risks and Bankia Mapfre Vida. SMEs and autonomos 916 346 962