Pago de Impuestos por Lotes

Make tax payments on behalf of third parties through Bankia Online Empresas.

Benefits of the Batch-payment of Taxes service

  • The batch-payment is an electronic method of payment through which a client-sender can send a payment file to pay taxes of a group of taxpayers.

    After executing the payments, the client receives another file with the list of complete reference numbers corresponding to each of the payments included, for presentation to the Tax Agency (AEAT) as proof of payment.


    • The party submitting payments must be a Bankia Oficina Internet Empresas (OIE) customer and have signed up for the Batch Payment Service.
    • They must also have signed the specific agreement with the AEAT and have activated their digital certificates that authorises them to make payments for third parties.


    • This makes paying taxes handy and fast for companies, as self-assessment tax returns can be filed for large groups on a single form. One batch can contain tax payments for several different models.
    • Payment supervision and security, as the sytem processes the batches and generates an itemised list containing all taxpayers' complete reference numbers (CRNs) or error codes.