Tarjeta Gasóleo Bonificado Crédito

  • The most convenient way to get your discounted diesel oil

    Postpone making payments until the end of the month with no interest

  • Payment at the end of the month. Without interest. Exclusively for gas oil B and C.
  • Discounted Oil Debit Card

Advantages of the Discounted Oil Credit Card

  • The Discounted Oil Credit Card is a card created exclusively to help you buy subsidised diesel fuel, Oil B (agricultural tractors and machinery) and Oil C (heating), with a deferment in its payment.
  • In this way, you can postpone payment for your subsidised fuel, at the end of the month, with no interest without affecting your other payments or increasing your expenses.
  • Remember that when you go to your branch to get this card, you are legally required to present two tax stickers that will be given to you at the Taxation Agency.