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  • Credit Account

Thanks to the financing of Bankia will be able to do big your company or business

We want bet by SMEs and the self-employed workers as you, and offer you better choices of financing for your business


  • To accompany you at all times of the life of your business. We have the financing that need.
  • With specialists that you will advise to adapt the financing to which need.
  • In an agile and fast way, with our pre-approved lines of funding.
  • So that you save costs, when having some very competitive conditions.

Outstanding financings for your business

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    Business loan

    You offer financing for your long-term business investments with competitive interest rates and permanently updated.

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    Credit Account

    You can have gradual way necessary amounts, in this way, pays interests for the required amount and according to the time of willingness.

Discovers all the range of financing Bankia

  • Finances the process of internationalisation and the exporting activity of the companies with registered office in Spain.

  • The money that you wish in the moment and to the minimum cost.

  • Management all-inclusive service and financing of the accounts receivable: charge and advance management of the commercial credits.

  • We offer the suppliers the possibility of consulting and anticipating the invoices.

  • Management all-inclusive service of the national payments of a company to your suppliers that substitutes the fee-paying traditional methods and includes options of financing.

  • Possibility of consulting and anticipating the invoices that they have been communicated for your clients.

  • The goods that need for your business without having carry out initial disbursements in exchange for the deposit of a periodic income and with possibility of acquiring.

  • Unifies low an only contract the financing of the working capital of your company which reduces procedures and costs.

  • Provides the business project financing and working capital set aside for innovation or made by innovative firms

  • Provides the financing of the company, linked to the contracting of young people.

  • Investments and working capital financing

  • Financing of investments in fixed or needs assets of liquidity in country.

  • Financing of investments in productive fixed assets or needs of liquidity in and out of the country.

  • Financing of investments in fixed assets, liquidity products and needs out of the country.

  • Business project financing in Spain and EU for companies and self-employed workers of the agro-food sector.

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Bankia solutions

Digital tools for SMEs, a place in constant evolution to help you to grow.

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In Bankia know how finance to the field

We put at your service all the available tools and professionals to advise you on our range of products aimed at the agricultural sector.