Préstamo Autónomo

  • We bet by self-employed workers

    Offering the best financing for your business

  • 6% TIN. Start-up fee 0%.

Advantages of the Loan Self-employed worker

In Bankia know that we have endeavor more than the rest of them, that is why we want bet by self-employed workers as and offer them the best financing for its business with the Freelance*Instant Credit:

  • TIN: 6%.
  • Start-up fee: 0%.

Don't wait any longer and discovers all the advantages of being self-employed worker in Bankia. So that you occupy you only of it really significant: your business.

* Subject to the approval of risks by Bankia. APR calculation example: amount loan: € 5,000. 60-months. TIN (nominal interest rate): 6.00%. Start-up fee: 0%. APR: 6.16%. Monthly fee: € 96.67. Total amount payable by the consumer (capital + interest + commissions): € 5,799.82.