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To accompany you at each moment during the life of your business.

We have the financing you need.


  • With specialists who will advise you on the financing that best suits your needs. Quickly and easily with our pre-approved credit facilities.
  • So that you save on costs by benefiting from very competitive conditions.
  • Outstanding financing for your business
  • SME Loan

Business loan

Short Term

  • Factoring

  • Supplier Reverse Factoring

  • Customer Reverse Factoring

  • Commercial Discount

  • Leasing

  • Multiproducto Global Facility

  • We commit to the self-employed by offering the best financing for your business.

  • We are strengthening our relationships with SMEs thanks to specialised professionals.

  • Financing of investment in fixed assets or liquidity needs within Spain.

  • Financing of investments in productive fixed assets or liquidity needs inside and outside the country.

  • Financing of investments in fixed assets, liquidity products and needs outside the country.

  • Finance the internationalisation process and the exporting activity of companies with a registered office in Spain.

  • Business project financing in Spain and EU for companies and self-employed workers of the agro-food sector.

  • Provides financing for business projects and working capital in Spain for SMEs and the self-employed.

  • Bankia Índicex analyses the digital competitiveness of your business and improves your commercial strategy


At Bankia we know how to finance the land

At Bankia, we know that agricultural aids and subsidies need to reach the fields as soon as possible. That's why we process them and provide you with all the facilities to advance(1) their amount.

We place all the available tools and experts at your service to advise you on our range of products designed for the farming sector.

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  • ¿Qué es una Línea ICO, BEI y FEI?

    Las Líneas ICO, BEI y FEI, tienen como finalidad facilitar la financiación de proyectos empresariales y circulante realizados en España por pymes y autónomos, que se benefician del apoyo de la Unión Europea en el contexto de la Iniciativa pyme, a través de condiciones económicas más favorables respecto a fuentes alternativas de crédito, lo que permite a Bankia trasladar a sus clientes una ventaja financiera en la financiación de sus proyectos.

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    Es un servicio integral de gestión y financiación de las cuentas a cobrar: gestión de cobro y anticipo de los créditos comerciales que la empresa ostenta frente a terceros (deudores/librados) y que previamente haya cedido a Bankia.

    Dirigido a empresas que reúnan las siguientes características: Trabajen de forma recurrente con sus clientes, facturen a empresas de reconocida solvencia y con plazos de cobro dilatados.

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    Bankia no comercializa de manera directa este producto.