Confirming Cliente

  • Management all-inclusive service of the national payments of a company to its suppliers

    that substitutes fee-paying traditional methods and it includes options of financing

  • Provides to suppliers one fuenta additional of financing. Avoids costs of issuance of cheques/promissory notes. It allows homogenising your payment system.

Main features

Directed to companies of middle and huge size that gather following characteristics:

  • High suppliers payments volume.
  • Regular suppliers and diversified to those which pay to credit.

They exist three types of contract.

  • Confirming Standard: fee-paying management of invoices. It consists of the shipment by the bank of fee-paying communications in favour of the suppliers of the company that add an offer of financing. Suppliers can choose to request the advance of the invoices or to expect to its charge on maturity.
  • Confirming with Postfinancing: variant of the type standard that it allows the company, once reached the maturity date of the invoices, and regardless of that these have been anticipated or not for suppliers, to request a fee-paying deferment to the bank (postfinancing) until a future date. The postfinancing can be systematic (for everyone maturities) or punctual at the request of the client.
  • Confirming Early Payment: fee-paying management to suppliers in sight and deferment of the payment through a financing as him offers Bankia. This way will be able to obtain from its suppliers a discount for early payment.


Confirming advantages Client

  • Provides to suppliers an additional and permanent source of financing under advantageous conditions, which it gives to your great company bargaining power.
  • Avoids costs of issuance of cheques/promissory notes or of manipulation of documents and offers broader safety in the processing of bills reducing incidences that they can produce for transfers returned, non received cheques, etc.
  • It allows homogenising your payment system to suppliers with the consequent administrative advantages.
  • Web service and of help line at the disposal of your suppliers offered by Bankia.
  • Online information on the state of your line and shipment of files via Bankia Online Business.