Confirming Proveedor

  • We place at the disposal of your suppliers

    the ability to view and pay invoices

  • Consult the payment notifications. Financing of 100% of your invoices. Permanent source of financing.

Main features

Advances requested in Bankia accounts will be paid at the moment they are applied for.

If you are already a Bankia customer, it enters in your Online Bankia Business for:

  • Consult the payment notifications and financing offers that have been issued for you.
  • Request an advance on individual or overall invoices (automatic advance).
  • Update your basic details.

If you are not yet a Bankia customeraccess Supplier Reverse Factoring for:


Advantages of Confirming Proveedor

  • Instantaneous detailed information on your receivable invoices.
  • 100% financing of your invoices.
  • Acquisition of an unlimited permanent source of financing, without consuming your own credit: liquidity.
  • Guarantee in receiving payment of your invoices.

And if you have any questions, you can contact the exclusive help line service directly: 902 931 560