Cuenta de Crédito

  • The money you want

    Immediately and at minimum cost

  • Have the capital available according to your company's needs. Bridge loan with exceptional conditions. Advance payment of tax rebate.

Advantages of the Credit Account

The Credit Account allows you to call on the amounts you need gradually, so that you only pay interest on the required amount and for the time you need it.

It is therefore the simplest short-term financing method (up to 1 year).

Suitable for the specific financing needs that occur in the cycles of a company, as:

  • You can draw on the capital according to your company's needs, as you have a permanent financing facility.
  • The peace of mind of knowing that when your company has a financial need, you can call on the funds immediately.
  • Gaps in cash flow: disparity in timing between earnings and payments.
  • Acquisition or repair of vehicles and other transport elements.
  • Investment in financial assets: securities, guarantees, deposits and investment related products.
  • Inventories investment and several supplies.
  • Farming campaigns.
  • Product launch and advertising campaigns and similar.
  • Payments to Public Treasury, Social Security and other public entities.
  • Acquisition of securities.
  • Payment of the personal income tax and equity taxes.
  • Payment of other taxes.
  • Bridge loan with exceptional conditions.
  • Advanced refund of income tax.
  • Other business objectives.


Repayment term: up to 12 months, renewable.