• Payment management and loan advances

    That the company holds with third parties and that it has previously ceded to Bankia

  • It allows obtaining financing and liquidity through your invoices' advance. Reduces administrative and payment control tasks. Elmina of the balance sheet accounts receivable.

    Main features

    It is an integral service of management and financing of accounts receivable: Payment management and commercial loan advances that the company holds against third parties (debtors/drawees) and have previously ceded to Bankia.

    Aimed at companies that meet the following criteria:

    • That work recurrently with their clients.
    • That invoice companies of recognised solvency.
    • With deferred terms of payment.

    The cession of the credits agents to Bankia can be:

    • Global: all current and future credits in the hands of a specific debtor.
    • Partial: only certain credits. Those ceded/endorsed by the grantor and accepted by the factor.

    Advantages of Factoring

    • Allows financing and liquidity to be obtained by advancing sums on account of invoices, with credits available according to the needs of the company.
    • Reduces administrative and payment control tasks.
    • Without recourse: it removes accounts receivable from your balance sheet and avoids the risk of bankruptcy due to insolvency.