Préstamo Autónomo

  • We are committed to the self-employed

    Offering the best financing for your business

  • 6% NIR. Start-up fee 0%. Free accident insurance.

Advantages of the Préstamo Autónomo loan

At Bankia we know we have to try harder than the rest, which is why we are committed to helping the self-employed and offering them the best financing for their business with the Crédito Inmediato Autónomos*:

  • TIN: 6 %.
  • Start-up fee: 0%.

Moreover, don't forget that just for being self-employed in Bankia and having direct debits set up for your social security payments, you also have a free accident insurance with a coverage of up to 7,500 euros**.

Don't wait any longer to find out about all the advantages of being self-employed in Bankia. So that all you have to do is take care of what really matters: your business.


* Subject to risk approval by Bankia. APR calculation example: amount loan: €5,000. Period 60 months. TIN (nominal interest rate): 6.00 %. Start-up fee: 0%. APR: 6.16 %. Monthly fee: € 96.67. Total amount payable by the consumer (capital + interest + commissions): € 5,799.82.

** The self-employed who have a direct debit set up for paying their Social Security quotas have a free accident insurance policy with a cover of up to 7,500 euros for death or total and permanent disability. Company insurer of the insurances group Mapfre.