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  • We remove your fees

    and you give away value-added services exclusively for you

Welcome to for being SME

If you have a SME with an annual turnover of until ?6MM.

You have direct billing with Bankia the Social securities or taxes in the last 3 months in an uninterrupted way.

And if you fulfill 2 of these requirements:


  • Balance of Investment business ≥ 15,000.
  • RACS ≥ 30,000.
  • Credit card Business 1 oper. month or 12 a year.
  • POS terminal with invoicing ≥ € 1,000 / month.
  • Insurance business studies (Premiums ≥ € 1,000 / year).
  • Payroll Service Company (3 últ. months).
  • CAP Assistance service (asset 3 past months).


See the notarial bases "FOR BEING SME" (PDF, 215 kB).

See our brochure of welcome (PDF, 468 kB).


Just for being an SME

You already pay too many fees; that's why at Bankia we're doing away with them and much more.

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    And - Inform@

    Online access to reports with information on companies to learn all about your competitiveness, your suppliers, your clients, etc.

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    Delete the fees

    We will get rid of all fees for cheques and promissory notes, transfers, Bankia Online Empresas and accounts.

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    Exclusive financing

    Preferential access to financing in exclusive conditions.

And also will be able to enjoy all these advantages

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    Invitations to events, fairs, conferences, etc.

    You invite to the nationwide main events that they can result of your interest for your business. Enquiry the next programmed events.

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    Specialised management

    With a manager that him will give all advice kind of tools that you will provide the development in your business: Inveinte, Indicex, Go Export, Sure Management 360º.